Monday, January 26, 2009

When My Baby Cries, I Don't Give In. Okay, That's A Lie.

Monkey is in his baby jail. He's looking at me through the diamond shaped slats saying "mum mum, mum mum," giving me doe eyes. I know he wants me to break him out. And I tell you, it's a battle between my Mind and my Womb, resisting that squishy face and the fat tears rolling down his chubby cheeks! But I will not cave, I cannot give in! That angel faced baby has got to learn that crying and pitching a fit does not get you what you want!

But he's only seven months old...

And look at how adorable he is!

Isn't it mean to resist a baby that's reaching for me with those sad, sad eyes?

Ah, well. I just busted him out. I'm such a sucker for this kid.

According to my relatives, this "habit" I have of picking up my child when he cries is Bad News Bears. They're always telling me stuff like, "Oooh, don't pick him up every time he starts crying! Before you know it, he'll never let you put him down!" Or they'll give me Old Wives Tales like, "If you pick him up every time he cries, he's going to rely on other people to help him do everything in life!"

Now, how does any of that make sense? And worse, why does a part of me believe it?

I admit that sometimes I listen to that stinky advice and try to apply that kind of thinking to my parenting. But then I snap out of it and realize my child is not going to become a lazy, good-for-nothing just because I like to carry and soothe him. Anyway, it's not like I run to him every time I hear him whimper. I let him cry it out every now and again! Sheesh! They don't know!


I'll just have to remember these points every time I second guess picking up my crying baby:
  • I will comfort and carry my baby all I want when he cries because I'm his Mommy
  • I will not fear that picking up my baby when he cries will ruin him
  • I will not take unsolicited advice from others, especially when the source of their advice is an Old Wives Tale

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