Saturday, January 24, 2009

Traveling With My Baby

We're back! Just got home from a great visit with our family in California, but traveling sure does take a lot out of you. More specifically, traveling with a baby.

Lucky for me, Monkey was a loving angel all the way home. Not a peep out of him - people didn't even know he was on the plane, he was that perfect. When he got tired, I just gave him The Binky, started the Bounce-and-Sway and he fell asleep in an instant, giving me a small break!

That break? Heaven. I almost felt like the old me, before kids and marriage, when traveling was oh-so-cool. Remember? When you'd get on a flight and all you had to worry about was your purse and a book? If I was alone, I'd have been relaxing with my free drink, reading a trashy magazine. I would've been dreaming about foreign travel or staring out the window at nothing... I would've had moments of boredom, for Pete's sake! Single travel. How easy.

Now, a relaxing flight is one where my baby isn't screaming his head off and plenty of overhead space to hold all our carry-on baby gear. A relaxing flight is boarding the plane without getting a single dirty look. A relaxing flight is a sleeping baby in my arms and a moment to close my eyes.

Isn't it weird how fast life changes? Back then, I never would have thought that I could get so much joy from staring blankly at the seat in front of me in silence. It's the simple pleasures, people. The simple pleasures.

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