Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Mornings

It’s 7:38 am on Saturday morning. I’ve been up since 5 am.

CM – 1
Mommy – 0

And before that, 3 am.

CM – 2
Mommy – 0

I remember when waking up on a Saturday in the single digits meant waking up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I remember when I could ignore a grumbling stomach by turning over and falling back to sleep. I remember waking up and lingering in bed with a smile.

In place of the gentle nudge of sunlight coming through my window, a baby jumps up and down on my face. Instead of the soothing sounds of a clock radio, I hear the screams of an 8-month-old baby in desperate need of milk. Instead of the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the room, there’s a smell similar to 'bad eggs'.

CM – 6
Mommy – 0

I’ve tried many times to reason with CM, strike an appealing deal – I’ll hold you all day long if you let me sleep for four hours straight! – but no, my friends. Compromise, pleading, and bribery will not sway him. His rule over who sleeps and for how long is absolute. So I sit here in my husband’s recliner, waiting for the first sight of eye rubbing or yawning so I can scoop him up, put him to sleep and steal a nap for myself.

He stopped jumping.
*Holding my breath*

He notices me staring at him…
*Holding my breath*

He smiles.

CM – 7
Mommy – 100

Waking up this early in the morning isn't half bad.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you told that! Happy napping!

Deb said...

That last line made me smile. You will get sleep, just much later (like years from now) enjoy these moments while you can.

I really enjoy reading your blog and just gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award. Stop by my blog and pick it up :)

Kimberly said...

I am right there with you! I went to bed at 12ish, up at 1:30, then up at 2:30, then 3 year old crawls in at 3, then up at 4:30. My day is busy today and I had my alarm set to get up at 5 am anyways. Sleep is for everyone but moms, I think. I hope you get some rest today.

Marie said...

Deb is SO right! Before you know it, he is going to be 6'1", a lawyer and a married man(my oldest). And you will have your time back to enjoy in a whole new way.

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Jennifer! I'm giving you an award.Grab it from my blog.


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