Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Material Girl

I’m having a Material Girl moment. You see, I want things. I want stuff. I go to the store, I window shop online, I want to go crazy and buy, buy, BUY!

But I can’t do that. Especially now, with the economy in the stinker. I have better use for our money. Like a mortgage. Putting money away in savings. Paying off debt. Padding my baby’s college fund.

Capital “B”, Boring, I say.

Isn’t buying stuff exactly what this economy needs? Doesn’t The Economy want me to go to Target and buy magazines and books and a top and some lotion? Doesn’t The Economy want me to go to the mall and buy makeup and that jacket and some shoes?


Since spending frivolously is out of the question, I will get my shopping fix by listing two, count ‘em, TWO, Top Ten lists. The first list being the Top Ten Places I Like To Waste Money and the second, my Top Ten Most Wanted Frivolous Items. But seriously, who am I kidding? Making the list is not the same as actually going to these places and getting my greedy hands on something… but what’s a girl to do?

Top Ten Places I Like To Waste Money

  1. Target
  2. Nordstrom
  3. Nordstrom Rack
  4. Marshall’s
  5. Barnes and Noble
  6. Babies ‘R Us
  7. TJ Maxx
  8. Outlet malls
  9. Michael’s
  10. Restaurants

My Top Ten Most Wanted Frivolous Items

  1. Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  2. These Frye Boots
  3. Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bag
  4. Wii
  5. A housekeeper –not a material thing, but does qualify as an unnecessary luxury that I would have to spend hard earned money on
  6. Everything in the Sanrio Store – yes, I’m 8 years old
  7. Leather hobo bag
  8. iPhone
  9. Maclaren Triumph Stroller
  10. This Marc Jacobs Watch

Who's with me?! 


Veronica Lee said...

I can sooo visualize you in the leather motorcycle jacket!!

CenzLuccsMom said...

Isn't shopping going to help stimulate the economy, LOL!! I try to justify my bad habits with "logical" explanations! I love the wanted list! Fun stuff. I recieived a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag as a gift from my mom, kind of a reward for making it through almost 3 months of bedrest! Well, I love it so much I want to have another baby so I keep using it, LOL!!

Zeemaid said...

what is a petunia pickle bottom bag and how can I get one? *L* I want an iphone too and an ebook reader.

I want I want I want I want.... okay now who's the 2 year old. :)

great list.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I have actually trained myself over the last 2 years to not really even look when I'm in stores. I just don't allow myself that luxury because I know I can't get it. It stinks.

Kim said...

I hear you loud and clear! Staying at home with the kids means that I can't really even justify buying new clothes cause who's going to see me anyways, besides my neighbors. I use to even wear makeup to get my son off to school in the morning and now I just make sure that I don't totally look like I just got out of bed.

sexy legs and body said...

Hi, great blog you have here, I can relate to you not being able to buy as much as you'd like, same everywhere if you asked me. Happy blogging.

Annette Piper said...

The economy is all about confidence - if I have the $ to spare I allow myself a small treat. I forgo the cappucinos, even (wash my mouth out) the danishes and so on and buy something nice for me with the multitude of pennies saved.


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