Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eating: It's Nonstop

HBL, CM and I went to the Social Security office this afternoon to apply for Monkey’s new social security card. I can’t believe how fast the whole process was. They were so efficient! And to say that about a government agency? WOWOWOW!

Besides that, there isn’t much going on in my life these days. Besides getting fat:

Example #1: I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this week. The dough made 34 cookies. I ate 28 of them. In two days. By myself. I feel guilty about it, but not enough to stop me from maybe making another batch tomorrow and doing it all over again…

Example #2: The fam and I went to Costco (I love you) today, and it was free sample day. I - *ahem* -WE ate:

Beef Burritos
Cheese Ciabatta Bread
Chicken Soup
Salmon Fillets
Lox with Cream Cheese on a Sesame Bagel
Cream Cheese with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce on Rice Crackers

Did I need to try all these tasty bites? No. But how can you pass up on ‘free’? I can’t. My friend says that I’ll eat or take anything just because it’s free. Even if it is crap.


Example #3: I can match my 200+ pound husband, bite for delicious bite. The portion sizes on our plates are the same. Everytime. And, may I add, there are times (most times, really) where I OUT EAT HIM. What kind of cruel, cruel joke is this?

Okay, ‘fat’ may be a bit of an exaggeration, but getting ‘chubby’, especially around my middle? Not so much. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to get a piece of Werther’s candy.


Kim said...

I have been just as bad over here with the darn Girl Scout Cookies. I got them to share with the kids but they don't seem to like them so I find myself eating an entire box in about hour. I just look at it as supporting the great Girl Scouts Organization. At least that's what I told hubby when asked why I bought 7 boxes!

CenzLuccsMom said...

I fell off the Weight Watcher's wagon too. Its the worst. After I had my boys my hubby and weighed the same. then he lost weight and I gained. So now I outweight him by 50 lbs!!!!UGH
Every night he makes a batch of cookies and he will eat 2. I always eat at least 3 and then i scarf down the leftovers while he at work the next day. Its a vicious cycle! You are NOT alone in this!! I just wish we cold start a blog to lose weight without having to actually change anything, LOL!!!

Jennifer said...

Kim - I don't even bother with the Girl Scouts, whenever I buy them, my husband I ALWAYS have to get our own boxes. We don't share. I find it's best if I avoid eye contact with those girls and save myself from gaining 3 pounds! LOL

CenzLuccsMom - What is it with husbands who have self control?! Lose weight and NOT change anything? I think you're onto something! :-)

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, how I hear you. I can and do out eat my husband. It's embarrassing. And I can't resist free food either. And those damn Cadbury eggs are killing me. Seriously.

Lady Christie said...

At least your cookies got baked, half the time mine don't even make it to the oven lol.

Annette Piper said...

I'm with you!!! I needed to STOP making them - otherwise I ate them ALL, given an opportunity. Of course it means that children and hubby are somewhat miffed that they missed out, but hey, I gotta be sensible ;)

Jennifer said...

Scary Mommy - Mmmmm... Cadbury Eggs... *drool*

Christie - ROTFL!

Annette - How did you ever find it in you to STOP?!? I need some of that magic elixir! ;-)

Deb said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for the follow, I love that you 'out eat' your husband. I do that, too, and always have. My joke of late is that I'm becoming a "blobber" instead of a blogger.

Those darn girl scout cookies. Those cute girls with their boxes of delight are my number one reason for an active search for a cute "no soliciting" sign.

Looking forward to follwoing you.

The Sensible Momma said...

Love your blog~ I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award, come on over to my blog to pick it up! :)

kristi said...

When I buy cookie dough,my kids eat the raw dough so it only makes 1/2 what it should!


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