Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie

May Day! May Day! I have to wear a bathing suit to the beach!

So, you know how I'm going on vacation to Hawaii with my family on Monday? Well, of course, that means two things: going to the beach... and wearing a bathing suit. In public.

I'm so stoked.

These days, my battle scarred belly looks like I have a kangaroo pouch - with a joey in it! And although the bathing suits I used to wear pre-pregnancy fit, they sure as heck don't look good on my postpartum body. *sniffle*

My sissy and I have been looking for bathing suits for the past month, in our mad scramble to find something flattering to wear. We have been able to find suits out there that could potentially flatter these bodies of ours, but they want us to pay up to $200 for less than one yard of stretchy fabric that will be, more often than not, under water! Get outta here!

And all the cute bathing suits at the more affordably priced places? Phhhffftthhttt! You have to be ten-years-old to look good in those! All the stuff that would actually work in camouflaging a belly that has 'lived life', look like granny bikinis! I'm not a granny and I refuse to look like one, too!

In short, I will be that sorry looking lady - who we have all come to loathe and love - who comes out of the ocean wearing bermuda shorts and a sopping wet t-shirt. Oh joy.


Tami said...

I loved your post. After 3 boys. 11 pounds, 10 pounds an a small 8 pounds. My stomach never went back to that gorgeous, flat, sleek, tummy. I have battle wounds, gashes to prove I have been through the "stretch machine" and made it no worse for the wear. I convince myself as I eat a bar of chocolate, will I EVER wear a bathing suit again? Naw, I'm a warrior, an amazon who gave birth to 3 mutants. And I have NO regrets that I can never wear a Pamela Anderson, swim suit (yea even the 1 piece)
I proudly show them to my children when they misbehave. You see these I say showing my ONCE pretty tummy, YOU SEE THESE?! *points to tummy. That gives me the right to punish you, LOVE YOU, CHERISH you, GET MAD at you, and sometimes even be disappointed in you. And it GIVES ME THE RIGHT, TO COME UP TO YOU ANY TIME I WANT.. AND HUG YOU.

I'm okay I can never wear one of them again. Hand me a sarong, and I will sit with you poolside and tell you how wonderful it was to hold my children in my arms. And never worry what some sexy guy thought about me. I am the vessel of my children. and how blessed EACH MOMMY is to have that in their hearts, and to show proof, that God entrusted us enough for our beautiful children.

Flaunt that tummy and show the world, I AM A MOMMY HEAR ME ROAR!

Have fun on your trip, rest and relax.. awwwww I envy you! =)
Be safe!

Suburbia Steph said...

No doubt! The price of swimwear is ridonkulous! And nothing ever fits me right ~ pre or post baby! And why is it swimwear is sized differently too? I have to wear a size or 2 larger than I would regular clothes. Now, I like to wear running shorts w/ the built-in undies & a bikini top (which I can only order from VS for my boobs) & a tank top. Zexy, right??

I thought of you - my hubs is in Vegas right now!

I envy that you are goin' to Hawaii!! How fun!

Have a great trip!

Jennifer said...

Tami, I took pictures of my pre-baby belly. Every now and again I'll whip those suckers out and reminisce. LOL

Steph, at least you have boobage, you 'zexy' thang. Flap jacks and a Michelin tire seem to be the look I'm working these days! ;-)

Stacie said...

I think there are many women who feel the exact same way that you do.
I'm not quite sure why all the suits are getting smaller and smaller. I don't want to see what I'm working with much less let an entire beach see what I've got going on (or don't have - depending on what you like I suppose. haha)

Great post!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sherry said...

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog..and for your way too generous compliment!!! :)

Anyhow...have you looked at Target for a suit? I found a really cute one there last year, and their prices are very reasonable. :) Good luck and have an awesome trip!

Quiskaeya said...

Hehehe! Thank you for the laugh and you tell it like it is sister girl!! What's up with these clothing makers anyway?? Can't they get it right,already. Sheesh!

Sorry, it's taken me so long to pop by. Girl if you knew how sick I was the past few weeks you would thank me for not stopping by soonere. I would not have been responsible for the craziness I might have written on my half drugged self. I'm following ya!

Anonymous said...

I'm that woman in the tshirt and shorts too! I've given up on bathing suits.

Zeemaid said...

hey.. totally jealous now... I wanta go to Hawaii too WAAAAH... wait.. I'd have to wear a bathing suit. Okay... have a nice trip! :)

BTW have you tried look for those $200 swimsuit on ebay?

FaithChick said...

Amen! I have to go through this every year. Target has some that are cute and very reasonable. Hope that helps. =)

kookie said...

thanks so much for popping over to our blog and saying hi!

go for a hot bikini top and wear a gorgeous sarong, you will be comfy and not conscious.. judging by your photo you will look fab!!


Veronica Lee said...

I've totally given up going to the
pool or beach!

Kristen Andrews said...

I am sure you look great, try a Tankini, I love those! I probably spelled that wrong.

sassymama said...

Hi from sassymamas
love your sassysite and this blog entry! you go sassy mama!
ciao sassymamaPaula xoxo

Kimberly said...

I agree with the Tankini. I have not been in a bathing suit since my honeymoon, and that was almost seven years ago!

I hope that you have a great time and enjoy some moments for yourself.

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Aw... Love this post! I bet you look just fine- If you want the incentive to feel better and know you will look just fine- let me email you a pic of me in a bathing suit and you will all of a sudden be Most Thankful for your joey pouch-LOL ahahahaha- Don't be so hard on yourself- your beautiful and go have a blast!!!!!!!!!

Swoozie said...

What a great post! Sounds like a great time ~~ knock em dead with that bathing suit!

When you get a chance, stop by my blog! I have an award just waiting for you! Congratulations!

Daily Momma said...

lol! Check out Lands End bathing suits! They're a little high but no where near $250! They're made well and flattering and suck everything in. Plus they're practical. Meaning when you come out of the water everything stays put!!! :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

Morgan said...

Ugh, finding a bathing suit is the one thing that makes me not want to go swimming at all this summer! If they could just make suits that aren't so tight, I'd be okay!

I had a hard enough time finding a bathing suit BEFORE I had children. 4 babies later, it's even harder!

Have a great time in Hawaii!!! Sounds exciting! How long will you be there?

Asianmommy said...

Hee! I wear my coverup and stay out of the water if I can. :)

Chris said...

Amen sista! They don't tend to make many clothes at all for Real women's bodies.
Have a great trip.

Jennifer said...

@ Morgan: We'll be there for ten days! :-)


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