Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pack This

Do I exaggerate when I say that traveling with kids - and the preparation necessary to travel with them - can be a headache?

Right now, it’s five after midnight (!), and I am working on a packing list. I’m leaving on Monday, and I’m working on a packing list. Did you hear me? I said, I’m working on a packing list. Instead of packing. I have lost my mind. But there’s just so much stuff that I need on a daily basis to keep Cheeky clean/fed/entertained/ healthy/happy - and therefore, me less stressed - I have to make this list or I’ll forget something crucial to my survival, my avoidance of a meltdown.

Sure, I know, there are stores in Hawaii. I don’t have to pack all this stuff. But the last thing I want to do is spend precious vacation time driving around, going to the grocery store, when I could be enjoying myself on the beach with a full-sugar soda.

So I’m working on the ding dang list.

I have to bring everything in the world on vacation to keep Monkey Man entertained. I don’t want him going ballistic on me. Especially on the plane. Otherwise, everyone will hate us and try to have us kicked off.

Things For Me To Look Forward To:

  1. Turning into a pack mule from carrying a mall on my shoulders and back
  2. Changing my name to Quasimoto, since lugging around all that stuff will bend my spine in three places
  3. Since I’m sure our gate is the one waaay at the end, and I’m still carrying all that stuff, I’ll be sweating like a pig roasting on a spit
  4. The relief I feel when I get to the gate is immediately wiped away when I notice people eyeing my kid, hoping they’re not sitting anywhere near us
  5. Stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff, stuuuuuff


(Breathing into a paper bag)

Packing List + Jennifer = BFF


Kimberly said...

Packing all the crap that the kids need is super tough. You always end up with this nagging feeling that you've forgotten something. Just remember, once you get there and relax it will all be worth it! Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Tami said...

ah, I always forget about myself LOL, and the kids plenty. It was pure horror when we took our cruise and I realized I didn't pack enough for me, but the kids and hubby all had enough.
Off the ship I ran, to the city of San Diego, I walked it, 8 miles and hit up the mall!

HAVE FUN! Take lots and lots of pictures!

Mary K Brennan said...

I so wish you all a great time. Packing is definitely the worse job especially when the kids are your sons age. One year we rented a home in the poconos. The owners told us they owned a DVD. (They didn't). I had to find a Walmart, and buy a new DVD player so the baby could watch his Baby Einstein videos. Crazy?!

CenzLuccsMom said...

Hawaii!! WOO HOO! I am so jealous!! Although I do not envy the packing and lugging. We haven't taken the boys on a "big" trip yet, but even overnights I end up taking half the house and then some, LOL!! Best Wishes can't wait to hear about your trip!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Lucky lucky you! Dont worry, be happy-lol! Have fun, fun fun!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Never fear, my dear Quasimoto. Although you will indeed bend your spine in at least three different places, you will also be digging your toes in the sizes and sipping on fruity drinks before you know it.

Keep your eyes on the prize! :)

Great post.


Fiona said...

That is what you get for going to Hawaii without me! LOL I'll be in your shoes next week packing for a week of skiing.

Deb said...

Hawaii??? Have an awesome trip. Forget the packing list, find a big wheeled duffle bag and throw everything that you can think of in. Then there's no sweating Quasimoto action.

As my friends tell me ALL the time, because I have quite the case of consistent travel anxiety, all you need in Hawaii is a couple of bathing suits, flip flops and a sun dress.



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