Monday, March 2, 2009

Trojan? I hate you.

Dear Friends,

This post is coming to you live from FedEx Kinko's. Why? Because yesterday morning, as I was writing yesterday's post, my computer completely shut down. After having a freak attack, my cousin's wife - computer genius that she is - discovered FOUR Trojan viruses on our computer. DEEP in the computer. Alas, this setback is taking me out of commission for another day or so. *sniffle*

HBL and I are off to look at new computers, so that "his" computer (whatever) once fixed, can stay free of viruses (has my greedy plan to get my own laptop come to be?!?). So wish us luck. Perhaps, next time you hear from me, I will (hopefully) be coming to you from a brand new, shiny, beautiful, sweet, down right awesome computer.


Here's to helping the economy!


Kimberly said...

I have had computer meltdowns in the past and they suck! I hope that you do score a new laptop, I love mine and I prefer that it stay super glued to me at all times.

Veronica Lee said...

I share the computer with my sons and I can't wait to get my own

Journey on! by Kelleye said...

Whew! I thought you were talkin contraception!
I hate virus'- it makes me sick that someone out there has nothing else to do. I once hung out at the library all summer for the sole purpose of getting online due to my computer crash- hope yours gets fixed quickly! Can't imagine a Kinkos.

Jessica said...

I know too well about computers crashing. For some reason my husband always blames me, probably b/c I'm on it more than he is. Good luck and hope you get up and running soon on a new one.

Lady Christie said...

I hope you got your laptop!

Daiquiri said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! New computer?! I simply MUST tell you...get a Mac! I was a PC girl for the past 25 years, always thinking that I wouldn't want to switch because it would be too much hassle. But I just got my first Mac in January and I will never go back. Ever.

Besides being fun to use, reliable, and reasonably priced, they are virtually free from the threat of viruses and worms. The system itself is built to resist the antivirus software updates (only to have it fail me anyway) for me!

I stopped by to say hello...been enjoying your comments recently. It's so nice to hear from you :)

Happy computer shopping!

BTW - I thought you were talking about a different Trojan too...thought this was a "baby on the way" post! LOL!

Jennifer said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for all the well wishes! I didn't even think about the Trojan reference! LOL! I'm off to post, so you'll get to see what's been going on! Thanks for sticking with me while I deal with this computer thing! :-)


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