Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Sick Again

I've slept all the day long, and am now sitting on the couch waiting for HBL to come home with Baskin-Robbins Rocky Road ice cream (you know, for my sore throat?). It doesn't help that it's so beautiful out today, and I'm stuck inside, feeling wretched.

But let me tell you who could care less: CM. Nope, life is still jolly for him. He doesn't recognize his mother's illness. Instead, he's been forcing me to play with him, feed him, and even has the nerve to pull my hair. Bugh. Whadda pal.

My eyeballs are pulsating in their sockets, my throat is sore, and my head is aching. And my tummy is unsettled... if you know what I mean.


Being sick is the pits.


Sherry said...

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon.

Tami said...

I'm sorry your sick again! Green Tea, and lots of it!

Swoozie said...

Get better and quick! It's no fun getting sick because our little beloved children "DON'T CARE!!" and that makes us moms sad.

The Rocky Road should put you on the mends and quick!

Kristen Andrews said...

feel better, being sick is the pits.

Deb said...

That Rocky Road should have you feeling better in no time! Hope you are on the mend, soon.

It's times like these that I really appreciate my own mother--because I know I was pulling her hair and making her play with me, and she did :)

Buckeroomama said...

Hope you feel much better today.

Thanks for the "follow," BTW. :)


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