Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Husband Makes Me Crazy

Last night, I asked HBL to put Monkey to sleep, but asked him to make sure to change his diaper before putting him in his crib.

A couple hours later, Monkey woke up, crying. HBL was sound asleep, so I went to Monkey’s room to put him back down. When I turned to leave the room, I saw an ’unwrapped’, dirty diaper laying on the floor next to the baby’s clothes hamper. The diaper was obviously thrown aside mid-change!

Normally, something like this would make me tear my hair out, but I took a couple deep breaths and thought, “At least he changed the diaper.”

So here I am, blogging about it. And using it as Top Ten Tuesday material.

The Top Ten Things HBL Does That Makes Me Bananas

  1. Doesn’t clean his toilet bowl
  2. Doesn’t clean up after himself when he cooks or makes something to eat
  3. Repeats stories like a grandpa
  4. Leaves the dishes to pile in the sink
  5. Asks me the same question ten times in a day. And genuinely thinks each time is the first
  6. Considers everything on TV (except sports) to be a soap opera
  7. Sees dog poop/puke on the floor, but leaves it for me to clean up
  8. Stares blankly at me when I ask him a question, any question
  9. In a discussion, if he feels uncomfortable, changes the subject by farting or making a joke
  10. Boldly tells me to ‘relax’

I love my husband, oh so much.


ModernMom said...

I'm pretty sure all men take some kind of secret class. They must! How else do you explain that they all have the same "tricks"?

Zeemaid said...

*lol* aren't all men alike? Gee guess what's the topic of my post today too.. :)

Sherry said...

#10 always makes me want to absolutely explode!

Jem Woods said...

It's funny that I have a similar perspective but the tables are turned. I AM "The Man" of my house. 1 Wife, 2 daughters, 2 dogs, all female. Does that count as a list?

Kimberly said...

Were our hubbies separated at birth? They have way too much in common. I have to say leaving stuff around after he eats really gets to me. I am not HIS maid. The kids maybe, but his no way!

Jennifer said...

@Jem - Your list counts :-)

@Sherry - That's his second favorite thing to do, after the farting

@Kimberly - YES! WE'RE NOT THE MAID!

pam said...

Number 7 is classic!

It is good to get these thing out, venting is a good thing.

Tami said...

Mine constantly spits! it's the nastiest habit.. dirty.. grossest, (is that a word)? LOL thing ever. Yet 21 years and I still tolerate it. heh heh
buggers I say.. and will say it again.. buggers.. men are simply buggers. yes indeed!

Anonymous said...

lol, have you been reading my diary? i felt like i was reliving last tuesday with every statement. uggghhhh, WHY MEN OF THE UNIVERSE...WHY??

ahappyhippy mom said...

WOW, I am thinking maybe your husband and my husband are long lost brothers! Sounds WAYYYY to familiar!

Swoozie said...

Ummmm, Jennifer? Are we married to the same man? UGH!

The real killer is........we love them dearly!


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