Friday, May 8, 2009

Honeymoon In Paris

This Friday, I thought I would share some pictures from part of mine and HBL’s honeymoon, because it’s always nice to remember what life is like as a couple, to remind ourselves that we're not just ‘mommy and daddy’.


Honeymoon in Paris

The view from our hotel room

The Notre Dame and The Seine, a short walk from our hotel

Our first day there, we got caught in a rain storm and got soaked

Of course, the Eiffel Tower, from our boat tour

It figures that I would sit in duck doo

We went on a Segway tour of the city. Here’s HBL practicing

Jardin du Luxembourg

On a random walk around town

I love looking at our honeymoon pictures. It reminds me of how cool I was when I used to shower regularly, dress in clothes other than pajamas, and fix my hair. Those were the days.

Happy Friday, lovelies!


Mommy24cs said...

ooo Jennifer, I'm so jealous that you've been to Paris!!! The pictures are beautiful! I love the narrow streets. Japan has streets like that too. It makes the city seem more cozy, lol I don't know how else to describe it :o)

Amy said...

Love the pics! Paris is one of my favorite places on the planet!!

Stephanie Stearns Dulli said...

" It reminds me of how cool I was when I used to shower regularly, dress in clothes other than pajamas, and fix my hair. "

Amen. Remember curling irons???
I've never been to Paris, but I find myself looking at my Italy pictures in much the same way.

Chris said...

Great photos!

Cher said...

Just wanted to say Hi! I found you via the Mom Bloggers Club Follow Me Group. I couldn't find a Follow link so I subscribed! Stop by my site when the get the chance! I also have a lot of giveaways going on!

Zeemaid said...

have I mentioned that I love the new blog look?

Ahh Paris. What a lovely honeymoon destination. We went to Florida. We did go to Paris our 3rd year of marriage and it was lovely. Many of your photos are familiar.

Thanks for sharing.

Mary K Brennan said...

Does sitting in duck poo bring good luck? That's what I was told when a seagul pooped on my head...twice.
Pretty photos.

Mommyof2girlz said...

Great pictures! Stopping by from the MBC Followers Club to subscribe and say hello :)

Veronica Lee said...

I'm sooo jealous that you went to Paris!! Hubby and I had our honeymoon in Australia.

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Gone are the days of personal hygeniene. HA HA HA! That totally made me laugh.

Oh, and these pictures were absolutely amazing. It is good to travel like this when you are young and care-free. It gives you something to aspire to return to someday!

Thanks for sharing your photos. Adored getting this peek into your world. :)


ahappyhippy mom said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! I once was told by my Grandma who was 93 years old that when a bird poos on you it's a sign of good luck. She lived to be 93 so I believe her!

Happy Mother's Day!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What great memories you have! Love the pictures. One of these days I'm going to get to Paris...

Island Girl said...

passing through and thought i'd visit your site. foto fridays....please remind me.

Veronica Lee said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer !

Helene said...

Those are gorgeous pics!!! We went to San Diego for our honeymoon....woop-de-doo, right? I would've much rather have gone to Paris!

I love your comment at the end about looking at the pics and remembering the person you were before you were a mom! I look back at old pics and think the same thing!

Happy Mother's Day!

ModernMom said...

Such beautiful photos. My office has about 6 travel brochures and 3 books on Paris. It is on our list!
Happy Mothers Day!

Sarah said...

So beautiful, I've always wanted to go to Paris. Sounds (and looks) like you had a wonderful honeymoon.

Sweet Serendiptiy said...

Ahhhhhhh Paris, isn't it amazing??! I would so love to go again.
Great pics! Thanks for the day dream.......THUNK. Ow! Back to reality.


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