Monday, June 8, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

The other night, while getting ready to fall asleep, I took my hair out of its typical messy bun to comb my fingers through it. It was still a bit damp from my shower earlier that evening. I took a moment to smell it, pressed it against my cheek, then laid it across my pillow and sighed a deep sigh.

What happened to my hair? I remember how important it used to be to me. I loved my hair. I still do, it’s just that now, I don’t seem to have the time, the energy, or a clue. What do I do with it?

Before, I would spend an hour a day fixing it.


I remember crying - crying! - when it wasn’t perfect and styled exactly the way I wanted it. I would even fret over the conditioner I was using (Will it make my hair greasy or limp?), the smell of the shampoo (Does this scent say ‘spring’ or ‘winter’?), and the amount of time under the hair dryer (If I get split ends, I’m going to DIE!)…

These days, the most I do to it is brush it (if I’m lucky) and pull it back into a ponytail. When I REALLY want to get fancy, I pull out the hair dryer. And when I’m meeting the Queen, I flat iron it.

Sometimes, when I have a split second to care about my appearance, I look at my hair in the mirror and cry a little inside. It's a crazy mess.

My Hair History

Newborn: Bald – I was rocking a Kojak. My mom used to make me wear handkerchiefs on my head so people would know I was a girl

Kindergarten: I grew just enough hair on the top of my head by then to wear a barrette when it was time to take my first school picture

Grade School: A bob, a Pageboy (I was aiming for Dorothy Hamill’s haircut because I was obsessed with ice skating, but ended up looking like my brother), a ‘feathered’ Mullet (straight, long hair in the back, puffy bangs in the front and on the sides)

Junior High: I grew it all out – except for my bangs

High School and College: It was long and down to my butt, till almost my third year in college. Then I chopped it all off. It was liberating!

Days Since: I’ve experimented with different lengths, layers, bangs, no bangs, the Rachel. I’ve had it all.

Now, my melancholy mommy hair is hoping for a makeover and a comeback.

Just like MC Hammer. To quote said Hammer: I've gotta turn this mutha' out!


Sharon said...

LOL I'm about to turn my own mutha out as well! I'm impatiently waiting for the salons to open this morning so I can call. I want to grow my hair out but meanwhile it doesn't have to look like crap, right?

Love the hair history. I should create the same thing! lol

(Great. Now I'm going to have that song in my head all day! lol)

Cindy @ Chalk it Up! said...

It's so funny that you should post about this. I just went through a hair revelation and revolution. For the past 11 years (which is the age of my oldest son) I literally did not put a brush through my hair. I washed it, combed it and let it air dry curly. Last week I had it cut short (bob so not chopped) and decided is was time to return to the blow dryer. My boys are amazed that I actually have pretty hair.:) No more low maintenance for me. I forgot how nice it is to feel pretty.
Thanks for the great post!:)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

I expect that you will be flat ironing your hair when you meet me, no?

Oh, and I totally feel you on "the Rachel." Didn't we all have that haircut?

Bring it in...I feel the need for a cyber-hug to commiserate over our bad hair choices gone by.


LZ said...

I hear you...have you started just grabbing the little man's baby shampoo when you're just desperate to wash your hair? I think I spent the first year of each girl's life smelling like them...shampoo, spit up, and poop.
Oh, the, that girl had some nice hair.
There is something liberating about not fussing over hair, but also something a bit sad when parting hair down the side and combing it into a pony is 'dressing up."

Tami said...

LOL, I think we had that mullet sometime in our lives *Laughs

I have 5 minute hair. Short spiky with a bit of product to keep it spikey, soft and (they laugh at work) when Tami gets scared her hair goes FLAT, instead of straight up. It's my "going BALD boss" who is in denial over his hair that makes the comment. LOL.

Jealous?! I ask.

Him: Yeah, sadly I am.

I'd love to grow it out again, just NO time int he mornings to deal with blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron. Finger hair rocks.

Do what's easy for you, I can see from your picture your hair is BEAUTIFUL! have you tried the flat iron that works when your hair is damp? I used to use that in the salon. I left it at the salon for my boss who loved it. I'll find out the name and let you know, just in case you want to keep that beautiful long hair. =)

Buckeroomama said...

LOL! I must have tried every single hair style there was. I have thick, really thick hair. Wearing it short worked best, but I can't be bothered with the hair products and the having to go to the hairdresser's every month (!), so I'm now wearing it long, past-shoulders long. Ironed straight. I like it this way, too, but I hate it that it takes forever to dry.

Suzanne said...

I'm right there with you with the hair. I finally chopped mine off...and I do mean I put a bit of wax in it and hit the road! it was the right thing for me but if I had hair like yours, no way! I'd take a bun or pony tail with your pretty hair. Funny post.

Sherry said...

I just try not to think about too much--kind of like the dishes piled in my sink and the laundry that's been in my dryer for two days--UGH, what is happening to me?!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

LOL, I'm sure your hair is fine! Your hair is so so beautiful! But I love you for quoting Hammer "Turn This Mutha Out"! YESSSSSSSS

Alicia said...

LOL...I totally had the Dorothy Hamill haircut when I was 10!! Hated it!! When I look back at those pictures, I can't believe my parents got it cut like that!!

The Blonde Duck said...

I gave up on my hair in college. IT's either wavy or straight.

sunshine said...

Jennifer, love your site and the post for today. You should check out an old post of mine called From Sexy to Sexless - motherhood.
I am still working on the look of my site. Yours looks great. Thanks for following.

Swoozie said...

This is my kind of post! I was (ugh!) such a Hair Girl back before the kids showed up. My sister used to tease me by saying that I'm a "true Leo" because all Leo's are obsessed with their hair, etc etc. Yeah, whatev, sis!
Anyway, it's been a rough road that me and my hair have been on lately. I love the look of some of the short styles but who am I kidding??

I Can't. Do. It.

I know it would be very liberating to cut it short.

But then so is stuffing it in a ponytail clip and saying "There I'm done fixing my hair for the day.....on to bigger & better issues!"

Another great post Jennifer!

Cairo Typ0 said...

I only get one good hair day every three years. And then its only for five minutes while i'm still at home. I'm not allowed to have good hair in public. LOL

The Bumbles said...

I cared about my hair for about 4 years in high school and then I gave up. I recently decided to try again and made an effort to learn how to style (i.e. not wearing a pony tail) - liking it!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Isn't funny how we go through different things with our hair. You can spruce up that pony with some nice hair accessories if you just don't have the time. Try it!

Quiskaeya said...

Ha! loved the historical hair recount. Girl I think we've all had bang at one time or another. Imagine HUGE poofy bangs on a black girl. Yeah that was me, I was talking about. But hey, that was the thing back in da day! I can't wait to see what you do when you turn that mutha out!

Days of Whine & Noses said...


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Girl Cute said...

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Banteringblonde said...

the only thing missing is accompanying pictures to each stage of your hair! Would love to see... i had one hair style that was the asymmetric style cut over one ear and long on the other side... omg... Now it is short and easy!

Helene said...

I think I've had every single look you've had, even at birth! My mom loves to tell me that I was bald until I was 4 yrs old and she had to scotch tape ribbons to my head (she's so over-dramatic).

I just recently got my hair cut...and I mean CUT. It was to the middle of my back but I just got so tired of always wearing it pulled back into a ponytail. Now it's right above my shoulders, long layers with side-swept bangs and I'm actually liking it!!

Two Pretty Little Skirts said...

OMG you make me lmbo! Here's to the hairaphenelia that I once used. 3 kids now collects dust.

Your lovely blog has received a kreativ blog award...go pick it up at my place ;)


ahappyhippy mom said...

Ever since the birth of my hair is lucky it gets brushed!

I would spend an hour straightening my hair with my Chi iron and now a scrunch is my best friend. Crazy!

Zeemaid said...

I know what you mean.. there's another mom who blogs that talks about curling her daughter's hair with a curling iron. A curling iron! Mine is packed in a box somewhere, I probably haven't curled a thing in 5 years.

Not like curling your hair is a big thing these days but it helps straighten the ends etc... sigh


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