Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Climber

When I was cleaning out my closet several days ago, I pulled out a big, plastic tub filled with all my maternity clothes. Monkey (monkey-ing around like he does) decided that he would climb that plastic beast. And sure enough, he pulled himself up and stood on top of it, like a climber on Everest. I was proud of him and excited to see him in action, but somewhere, this did not bode well.

That same day, I was running behind and needed to get dinner started. Since I needed to get it done without fear of stepping (or tripping) on baby toes, I had to leave him in Monkeyland, alone – which isn’t a problem since it’s baby-proofed (no razor blades, bear traps, or loaded guns laying around).

After doing a quick scan of his play area, the only thing in there that was out of the ordinary was a huge box of diapers propped up next to the baby gate. I didn’t get a chance to put it away earlier, but I’d get to it later. So off I went, after directing M. Boy toward his toys.

I just started getting the food prepped when I first noticed how quiet it was. That was the first warning sign. Of course, being the bad mommy that I am, I ignored my raised hackles and thought, “Nah, don’t worry. He’s just really into his toys…” Just as quickly as that thought left my brain, I heard a big, fat SPLAT! Something hit the floor. My pits were starting to sweat. But, I thought, “No, don’t you go acting crazy, you know how he likes to throw all of his toys over the gate so you can pick it up. He wants you to go back there to pick up his toy!” Then I heard him start to whimper and cry.

My. Gut. Is. Wrenching.

I thought, “Woah, he is really mad! He really wants me to go over there! I guess I better see what’s up…” And who do you think comes walking around the corner, looking for his mean mommy, tears in his ever-loving eyes, but The Monkey himself!

I was so confused to see him, it took my dense brain a millisecond to connect the dots before Freak Attack 2.0 began. And crazy as I wanna be, I started crying, too, because:

1.) I didn’t listen to my instincts
2.) I couldn’t believe I didn’t listen to my instincts
3.) I broke my kid.

Thank God he was fine, but a bit spooked. What a way to learn about gravity.

Post Summary:

Climbing Baby + Busy Mommy = Chickens. Running Around. Heads Cut Off.

Nominee for “Worst Mommy of the Year” much?


Tami said...

LOL, I have to laugh, I remember those days and how I miss them. The discovery of new things..they joy he probably felt coming around the corner even with tears in his eyes.
He found his mommy!

Don't fret, always, always listen to your instincts, their never wrong. LOL. I learned that after a set of 15 of them =X

Hit 40 said...

Not your fault! I had one vibrate and bounce off the kitchen table when they were a baby in one of those bouncy/vibrator chairs. He's 14 now and just fine!! I'll never forget that baby upside down strapped in his bouncy seat screaming on my kitchen floor.

Alicia said...

Aww!! Poor thing!! Believe me, you're not alone! Not that it makes it better, but I think us moms get sooo busy, we just want to finish one task asap, and get it over with. One thing about children is that they are so forgiving!!!!! You are a good mommy!

Sherry said...

No way do you get Worst Mommy for this! He was probably only crying because he was mad he didn't land on his feet! ;)

Alicia said...

oh no big deal! trust me my kids have gone through way worse! i'm glad he's ok though...its always the hardest when they're little...

Veronica Lee said...

I'm with Sherry. You are definitely a good mommy.

Bonnie said...

Oh don't feel bad...I dropped my 2 month old this day I could cry about if ro hours...she is okay, thank goodness

Annette Piper said...

Ah yes - mommy genes have a lot to answer for. One thing I've learned after three children is that 9 times out 10, they bounce (given safe playing areas, as you have). So start counting and get very worried when you get to 9!

Kekibird said...

Worse mommy of the year, not really. But a lesson learned. All kids get bumps and scrapes. My son has been to the dentist twice in his young life due to chipped or busted teeth. And he's just an active kid.

Big hugs, you are a great mommy.

Zeemaid said...

aww you're a great mommy. sometimes we get so busy we just want to finish that last thing before getting interrupted again. But we should always trust our instincts... last time I looked up just in time to see my daughter go flying off the top of the playcar that O was pushing... talk about heart attack. Fortunately she landed in her sand box and not the hard cement beside it. Too quiet is always dangerous. *L*

Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

lol - you're such a great mom!


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