Monday, July 27, 2009



My name is Jennifer.

I am a shopaholic.

This past week, I have been dealing with a most incredibly stressful and uncomfortable event. Actually, I am still working through it: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

It’s bringing me down, yo!!! I overspent. And actually had guilt! Major buyer’s remorse. Who the...? What the...?

This is a good thing… I suppose. Since I randomly started taking care of myself, I’ve noticed that it has strangely nudged my thinking into a different direction: living my life more purposefully and meaningfully.

Who am I, a grown-up or something?!

Cleaning up my outside life has started to stir up my inside life: like the realization that I am a crack addict for shopping. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to the grocery store, going to Target, or if an item is fifty cents or three hundred dollars. I. Don’t. Want. To. Leave. Empty. Handed.

So, like a pimple, all of my spiritual ‘puss’ is coming to the surface, and I’m having a hard time popping this zit. I’ve been laying awake almost every night, sweating my NAS purchases, fighting with God over why I should keep all the things I bought. But points that He raised were the following:

1. I’m not working anymore

2. Putting it on a credit card doesn’t mean I’m not ‘spending’ money

3. I withheld information (i.e. LIED) – After hearing HBL’S reaction when I gave him a running total of my spending, I sort of didn’t tell him about a bag that I bought… sorta…

4. I lied to my husband about the price of one purchase – Dear Lord, I hope he never reads this!

5. It’s not about what I bought, it’s that I lied about them

6. It’s not loving to shop, it’s the motivation behind the shopping


You’ll be happy to know that I am completely ashamed of my behavior and won’t be doing it again – ESPECIALLY the lying to HBL part. Yuck. I have since returned items sitting in my closet that still had tags on them. And the NAS goodies are waiting in shopping bags, ready for return today.

You can imagine HBL’s confusion, watching me remove items from my closet as opposed to putting items into it. I told him I was returning my NAS buys, and he said, “Why? You can keep them babe, just don’t spend like that anymore.”


I am contemplating keeping one item. And of course, it’s the most expensive one. The one my husband doesn’t know about…

One step at a time.


James Ricardo The Actor said...

My boo is back! YAY! Keep the expensive gift and tell my homie the truth! He loves you so much! Your zit metaphore grossed me out a little lol! And Oh I am James Ricardo and Im a shopaholic! When's the next meeting?

Tami said...

Oooh I used to do the same thing LOL. SHop, shop, shop..the guilt over taking my every waking thought process. I never returned anything. After I came clean with all I did. I have so my clothes and so many shoes annnnd so many purses, I can never wear them all, use them all. I feel ya girlie. After looking at my closet one morning, I said to myself..

"Self.. you have a major problem, and if you ever want to buy another house, you better quit".

*Like some drug addict, where the guilt eats me alive.

I can walk in Wally World or any other "cute" girlie shop and lQQk, never to hide those bags in my SUV like a hidden lover, to be removed when he's at work and worn the following day, tags being ripped off and squeal of delight never heard by the hunny hubby.

One step at a time girlie, one step at a time. LOL


You can do it. Besides when you move to California, we have some shopping dates and lunch dates
WOOOT, WOOT! heh heh

LZ @ My Messy Paradise said...

My name is LZ, and I, too, have a problem with shopping...and it's called "Crap, my DH ALWAYS notices new stuff." That MY only problem! Not too much guilt here, but there definitely should be...

Veronica Lee said...

I swear we are sisters!!! Right now there is the annual Mega Sale Carnival going on in Malaysia and everything is going cheap!!! The whole country is having sales with branded items discounted by 70%.

LOL, maybe you should plan a visit here and we shall indulge in the ultimate retail therapy.

Manic Mother said...

You make me laugh, I do the same thing, I always tell hubby things are less than the really are. Since he doesn't run the banking department in our fam. it works out :)

ModernMom said...

LOL I could have written most of this post.Maybe we could start some kind of group! But then no..b/c then I would have to stop shopping:)

Stephanie Stearns Dulli said...

My name is Stephanie and I am a shoppaholic, AND I may have also gone a little gonzo at the NAS. I mean...anniversary prices!!! Who could resist? Not me. But most of them are all still in bag with the prices attached and are going back tomorrow. God also blessed us with Nordie's liberal return policy.

Mommy24cs said...

I am always sneaking things into the house. I have so many purses that when hubby asks if one is new, I tell him no I just haven't used it in awhile. He gives me a confused look but then realizes that it's possible. He can't keep up with my purse buying :)

Swoozie said...

My hand is in the air as well for I have been to the NAS several times SO FAR and visited their site AKA "intenet purchase" as well. It is an evil beautiful place that Nordie's is! Woe's me. Errrrr, I mean US!

I say, congrats on all the goodies and ENJOY every last thing that you bought!

Ummmmm, that sale is on thru the second of August......Right?! Yes! One more week of pleasure and indulgence!Shop on!

Shelly said...

Realizing you are a shopaholic is half the battle right? Did you see the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic? It was great!

Btw, I am having a book giveaway on my blog. It won't encourage your shopping habit.

Tami said...

Have something for you.. please come by and pick it up =)

L.A. Stylist Mom said...

WAIT! Spiritual, schmiritual - you left out the REALLY important part! WHAT did you buy...?!

Asianmommy said...

Uh-oh, you should not have told me about that sale--now I have to go there! :)


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