Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Final Installment

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Yes, dear readers, what you just read is correct: this is the last Top Ten Tuesday…

Because we’re moving it to Thursdays!

That’s right! Beginning next week, Top Ten Tuesday will become Top Ten Thursday! And not only is the day changing, but I’ve got two, count ‘em, TWO, Top Ten Thursday co-owners! *Doing my Happy Dance*

My partners-in-crime, you ask? They are Lynette from My Messy Paradise and Sara from Domestically Challenged!

Stay tuned for more Top Ten Thursday news and events by visiting our sites. And hey! Give these awesome ladies a visit at their bloggy homes. You’ll find yourself laughing and busting a pant seam before you know it!

And now (drum roll, please)...

The final installation of Top Ten Tuesday!

Dedicated to my husband and all the fantastic people that make up the NFL. Because, without the NFL, I would be stuck watching “Deadliest Catch.” All. Year. Long.


The Top Ten Reasons I Love Football Season

  1. It’s a great husband babysitter – when football is on, I can do whatever I want without interruption
  2. I can spend hours on the computer without fear of judgment from you-know-who
  3. Eating chips! … Since chips and football go hand in hand…
  4. Maybe this will be the year my 49ers will stage a comeback... I can hear you laughing
  5. The Super Bowl commercials
  6. Since HBL will be preoccupied, I can watch all the chick flicks I want. Of course, on the smaller TV *wink*
  7. HBL + Football = I get to catch up on reading
  8. When his team wins, I have a husband who is happy to help around the house!
  9. Football season makes my hubs happy. Therefore, I am happy
  10. Did I mention all the awesome greasy food?
Why not take a break today and play Top Ten Tuesday? Grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (or use mine!) and post it on your blog!

Happy Tuesday relaxing!


natalee said...

I love football because my husband has season tickets to the Jets and every other sunday i get to do "girl"stuff on the weekends hes not at the game..(fair trade off huh)

{Kimber} said...

I'm so sad it's moving to Thursday :(
can I still do it on Tuesday?????

Alicia said...

LOL..I'm sure if my hubby was a football fan I would be writing the same list! I love not being interrupted..lol!

Mighty M said...

Haha - I am actually excited for football season this year!! Chips and dip here I come!! ;-)

Alicia said...

seriously!! so excited for football season!! i loved your list!

Veronica Lee said...

Another great list, Jennifer!!

Mary K Brennan said...

Hubby and I were just talking about the season. Luckily, we're both Eagle fans. He doesn't watch much more than that. Unfortunately, that leaves the rest of the day for The Deadliest Catch. Yes, it's also a favorite in our home. Followed closely by Dirty Jobs! Oh God, save me!

blueviolet said...

I love that it gives you a nice long break to do whatever you want! :) And yay for the help with the meme!

Helene said...

That was an awesome list!! And even more awesome that football season gives you some "me" time!!

My hubby isn't in to football but he LOVES soccer. So when the world cup is on, that's when I get my break!

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Now those sound like great reasons to love football. My husband like basketball but funny enough he doesn't help out with the house because his team is doing well.

angie said...

What a fun idea. I'm going to have to get in on this meme soon.

I would have never guessed football season can have so many perks!

Mocha Dad said...

This a great list. Too bad you are misguided about the 49ers.


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