Monday, August 3, 2009

Vacation Aftermath

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Top Ten Tuesday News: Just wanted to thank the ladies who responded to my plea last week to save TTT! In the coming weeks, I’ll be introducing my new partners-in-crime, so come by and meet them! Thanks for your support!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is rather boring. Boring because I am delirious with travel fatigue, yet have a To-Do list that appeared out of thin air as soon as I stepped foot onto the airplane.


It’s a quarter to midnight and we just got home. First, our flight was delayed. Second, when we got to our car, the battery was dead. And third, when we got home and turned on the water, it was brown.

Welcome home, eh?

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday: The Mundane. The Boring. The To-Do List After Vacation.


Top Ten Things I Have To Do When I Get Home From Vacation

1. Water the plants – yes people, I have managed to keep some alive

2. Unpack. Boring

3. Do laundry. Again, BORING

4. Figure out why brown water is coming out of my house pipes

5. Figure out how to brush my teeth without using brown water

6. Figure out how I’ll be able to shower without using brown water, since I couldn’t take my normal ‘I-was-stuck-on-a-plane-and-lugging-around-suitcases-and-a-baby-all-day’ shower last night. Eeew.

7. Get M. Onkey back on schedule so that I can have some peace

8. Find my cell phone charger – where the heck is it?!

9. Quit eating like I’m still on vacation

10. Pick up our dogs from the kennel and hope that in their excitement, they don’t pee on me… which happens eighty percent of the time. I hate wearing wet, pee shoes

Why not take a break and play Top Ten Tuesday? Grab my button, choose your Top Ten topic (or use mine!), post it on your blog, and let me know! I'd love to come over and see your list! 

Happy Tuesday relaxing!


ModernMom said...

Ohh Stopping the vacation eating is the worst!

Swoozie said...

Oh how I would love to be one of your partners-in-crime for the Top Ten Tuesday meme! I'm afraid I'm too unorganized right now to be any help though. And yet.....on the other hand, maybe some structured "must-do's" would force me to become more organized? Hmmmmm.....tell me more!

(OR maybe I missed the boat on this one!? Last week when I read your post I was just too over-whelmed by my to-do list.......gah the week was a wicked one!)

Resuming life after vacations is one of the hardest things to do. Good luck on getting everything done!

Adry Viola said...

Cute with the top ten thingy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! New post today! I don't know how this top ten works. where's your list, maybe I'll join you?

Mighty M said...

I so hear you on #9. :-)

Alicia said...

Welcome home! I think unpacking is the hardest thing to do! Well, not that it's hard, but just getting motivated to do it is hard!!!

Zeemaid said...

ugh I hate unpacking. packing
i love. unpacking.. not so much.

Welcome home! I just may have to join you on your top ten tuesday. I tried doing recipes but I'm running out of inspiration *L*

Veronica Lee said...

#2 and #3 are on my list!! Those are the two things I hate most after a vacation.

Tiaras said...

oh the laundry is the killer after vacation!

Helene said...

Ugh, I hate the unpacking!! I always try to do laundry the night before we leave our vacation so all the clean clothes are packed all nice and neat...but it still doesn't motivate me to unpack. In fact, the suitcases from our recent vacation are still sitting upstairs, with the clothes folded all nice and neat but still in the suitcases!!!!

Hope you figure out what's causing the water to be brown!

blueviolet said...

Oh darling...when I commented on your plea last week, I was being a bit sarcastic and I hope you knew I was joking. Cuz I ADORE you!


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