Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Embrace Your Messy Home

Every evening, I pick up after my son and tidy up our home so I don’t have to wake up to the mess the next day and start my day off stressed.

However, thanks to being on the verge of giving birth, I am at the point in my pregnancy where my typical Anal Retentive ways are slowly falling by the way side. I’ve stopped tidying up the house in the evening. Now, I can’t even bring myself to wipe up food that's fallen from my son's plate to the ground. I just let the dog get it.


Anyway, my house now looks something like this:

Photo by: Earthworm

I figure that letting my house look like an episode of "Hoarders" is forgivable, since I’m about to let a human being erupt from my private area. So I was thinking of ways to help me embrace living in a messy house for the time being. I came up with this idea:

Whaddaya think? Embraceable?

Feel free to substitute with some other male celebrity…

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