Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preparing for Baby

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! I hope your Saturday is filled with lots of pre-Fourth partying, relaxing, ease and comfort!

As for me and my little family, we took my third trimester body into the 110 degree heat, going from store to store, trying to get all the necessities for our new baby.

Are you asking yourself why, of all days, did I choose today to do it? Well, first, let me apologize to all the Type-A moms out there who, if in my shoes, would have gotten everything they would ever need for the baby from birth to five years before they even hit their second trimester. I am so sorry. Please, do not revoke my card…

Now, on to the reasons I had to do it today:
  1. I have been too lazy to do it anytime before now
  2. Last night, Hubs decided that he’d had enough of my laziness and made the executive decision to get everything done today
  3. This is the first Saturday off that Hubs has had in months
  4. If I do it now, I can lay on my couch until I have to go to the hospital. Sweet!
And so, we drove around town (a.k.a The Sun) to get this baby her gear. Funny thing, though: you know how when you already have a kid and you save all that kid’s stuff so you won’t have to buy anything for any subsequent children?

Um, yeah. Not so much.

We basically spent her college fund today. Diapers, wipes, bath stuff, replacing all the gear and booty we tore up with our son. Getting a double stroller since Monkey Boy cannot be trusted to walk around on his own (Think about it: Display of Cans + Wild 3-Year-Old + Exhausted Mommy = No. Good.). Getting another bassinet because the first one we had was basically a Venus Fly Trap that ate babies...

I forget how expensive it is when you have to start from scratch, buying stuff for a new baby! And though I would love to reuse those onesies we had for Monkey that read, “I’m A Tough Guy!” or “Boys Rule” or “Chicks Dig Me”, I figured it would behoove us to get her some new clothes.

The lesson here folks? Even when you save everything you ever used from previous children, you will still spend money and tons of it.

Soup kitchen, here we come!

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Sara Cart said...

Hi Jennifer. Thank you for stopping by Three Bears. I'm a new follower here too. I had to laugh because when I was almost 9 months along with my son I was remodeling his room by my self. (Fixing holes, stripping doors and door knobs, refinishing dressers, re-painting, etc...) He was born at the end of July so I know what you mean about the heat.

Hopefully it starts to get a little cheaper for your family.


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