Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monsoon Season in Las Vegas - WW

Monsoon Season hit us hard this past Fourth of July weekend and it was wonderful! We woke up early Sunday to some weird kind of cloudy/foggy/hazy atmosphere, not really characteristic of Las Vegas:

But by early evening, the lightening was flashing and the thunder was rolling! What, whaaat!

Monsoon Season could very well be my most favorite time of the year in Vegas. Mind you, I'm not in any hurry for the Summer to come around. But I love when it's so hot out, all you want to do is peel your skin off, and just when you can't take it, the cool rain comes around to talk you down.

Since I've lived here, I've made it a point to play in the rain when the monsoon comes around. This year was no different. HBL and Monkey Butt were already outside when the weather-y hullabaloo started, intending on spraying each other with the hose to cool off. But instead, we got to use FREE water, thanks to Mother Nature! Monkey Butt loved jumping in the puddles, Hubs loved EVERYTHING and I loved being with them.

Monsoon season is where it's at, folks.

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Kanesha @it's a full nest said...

Amazing pictures of the sky.


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