Monday, August 29, 2011

I Had My Baby!

Source: Eric Ward, a4gpa
If you are reading this post, then you’ll know I’ve had my baby. And because I was a very good blogger, I prepared a bunch of posts for you in advance, my Dearest Readers! (Who am I?!) Also, if you’re reading this and understand that I’ve had my baby, you’ll probably figure out that at some point during my labor, I got on the computer to hit “Publish” for this post. (Who does that?!) Any sane person would have probably gotten some guest posters onto the Mother Ship, but noooo, I didn’t do that. Why? Because I’m crazy.  Oh well. Hormones do that to women sometimes. Anyway, I had my baby and I can’t wait to share the gory details with you! Here’s to getting to sleep on my tummy again!

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