Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Random Roundup – Vol. 4

Excuse me for such late posting, but boy, what a weekend! I’ve been suffering from a complete shutdown of the brain (the “Mommy Fog” took over)! I had a ton of contractions and no baby to show for it. On top of that, my legs, ankles and feet have decided to “become one” and now, literally, look like tree stumps. Or elephant legs, whichever you find more attractive…  

Random Thought
Lots of the time, I miss HBL and I being ‘Boyfriend and Girlfriend’. It was much simpler back then: we could actually have a conversation without someone asking, “What you guys talking about? Me?”

Also, we were younger.  

Today’s To-Do List
1. Walk long and far enough to help this baby out
2. Drink enough castor oil to help this baby out
3. Figure out what’s for dinner – if I haven’t helped this baby out  

Apparently, I've got "Get This Baby Out" on the brain.

Thought of the Morning
Whatever happened to Scott Baio?  

Random Reading
Looking for some good reading this Monday? I was. And here is some of what I was reading:

Are Parents With Children Becoming the New Second-Class Citizens?

Sometimes I Choose Me

Hold it, people: Kardashian wedding was NOT the royal wedding!

From Woman's Day:
7 Must-Have Fall Beauty Finds 

Life Isn't a Beauty Contest: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women

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