Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Kid: The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Me

Lord, I love my son. Like LOVE love, you know? Sure, I complain about being sleepy and tired and run down from trying to keep this guy under some sort of control (I have to, otherwise, my house would be burnt down to the ground), but above all, I love my kid. Who else would still be alive after stealing the last bite of my brownie?

No. Body.

Before I had my son, I was extremely selfish. And now that I have him, I’m only mildly selfish. I give credit to Monkey for getting me to change my childish and stubborn ways.

Things I Did When I Didn’t Have A Kid:
  1. Cut someone if they asked for a taste of my food
  2. Cut someone if they woke me up before I got a full thirteen hours of sleep
  3. Cared about my appearance
  4. Complained about people with wild children
  5. Prayed I’d never have to sit next to a kid on an airplane
  6. Finished reading a book in one day without interruption
  7. Had a disposable income
The World Revolves Around MeBut even with that kind of “freedom” (and attitude), I still dreamt of having my own family, my own children.

And now that I have them? I don’t get any sleep, when I get two seconds in a row to myself, I eat whatever scraps of food I can find (like a scavenger!), caring about my appearance means I brushed my teeth in the morning, and I have to sit next to a kid on an airplane for the next eighteen years!!!


What a turn around! I never knew that having a family would slowly and surely beat the selfishness out of me. What a gift, right?

Ah well, so I gave up a few things for my son, no big deal. He’s worth it. Plus, he’s a great excuse for going to McDonalds: “It’s just so hot today! But I need to get my child outside to socialize... Wait, I know! McDonalds has an indoor play area…”

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