Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why I Clean My House

On any given day, my house has:
  1. Piles and piles of laundry in the hallway – usually two weeks worth and only washed when we run out of clean underwear 
  2. Dishes piled in the sink - only washed when I have absolutely nothing left to use, including the crappy, cheap-o stained plastic stuff I have waaay in the back of the cupboard 
  3. The “Paper Trail of Tears” that begins on my dining room table 
  4. A week’s worth of recycling perched precariously on the kitchen counter top - we bring it out to the garage when we can’t stack ‘em on top of each other anymore 
Of course, there’s the obligatory toys on the floor, dried toothpaste in the sink, hair/dust/crumbs/clothes everywhere, etc., etc. But I do clean. To be frank, I clean because I like not having pests living in the walls. And for people to think I have my stuff together. Tee hee. 
Dirty Dishes In The Sink
Photo by lisaclarke
So, the reasons I clean? Because:
  1. I can’t take the mess anymore 
  2. I have guests coming over 
  3. I’m mad 
About reason #3, you read right: I clean when I’m mad. Are you my neighbor and hear me vacuuming at one in the morning? Guaranteed I’m mad about something. Oh, did you come over to my house unannounced and find my home *gasp* clean? Just your luck! I must’ve been mad an hour before you came over! 

Cleaning when I’m angry is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I take out all my frustrations on my home, and then the next day, after I’ve slept off the anger, I wake up to a pristine living space! It's probably the best reason to clean because cleaning when I'm mad is not cleaning because I HAVE to, but cleaning because I WANT to. And isn't that the best motivator for everything in life? Winning!

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