Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kicking The Bucket and Your Online Identity

So, your saying I have another thing to prepare for when I go?

People, people, people! Who would’ve thought? I surely didn’t! Between figuring out  wills, who we're leaving our kids to, who gets my collection of Hello Kitty paraphernalia and all that other good stuff, now I have to figure out what to do with my online identity when I leave God’s green earth? Gah!

The other day I read this interesting article on about including instructions for handling your online identity when you kick the bucket.

Kicking the Bucket
Photo by librarianishish
I get that most people would rather not deal with these kinds of things while they’re still alive (“But I have my whole life ahead of me! Why worry about it now?” “Isn’t talking about it almost like jinxing myself?!” “Meh, who cares, it won’t be my problem – I’ll be gone!”), but it got me thinking about all my words and pictures out there on the internet for everyone to remember me by. Like, FOREVER.

Do I really want my kids to read my ranting and raving about childbirth? It definitely wouldn’t be helpful: I plan on leaving them with memories of me seeming more Mother Teresa than Medusa.

And what about my legacy as the Perfect Mom? Surely, if my blog, Twitter stream and/or Facebook status stays online, people will figure out quickly that I was absolutely NOT perfect!

What. A. Conundrum.

Well now. I suppose I will have to look into this online identity business…

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