Monday, October 31, 2011

Cleaning House

My house is in desperate need of a cleaning. It’s so bad here, I wouldn’t be surprised if Monkey made snow angels in the dust and dog hair on our floors. I wish I could give it the proper scrubbing it needed, but the fact of the matter is I. Don’t. Want. To.

What’s the point anyway? I mean, I JUST cleaned it, and here we are again! It never stays clean for more than twenty minutes - my three-year-old makes sure of that! It’s like he thinks a clean house is an invitation to DESTROY it. Oh, then there’s the dirty diapers and dirty clothes and dirty dishes – this stuff always appears outta no where! Where in the heck is it coming from? Do I have a crack in the walls where they’re falling out of?!

So, instead of continuing to sit on my couch, I worked up enough mental energy to get off the couch to do dishes. But one look at my kitchen and I thought, “blog post!” The resulting pictures were the fruit of my labor:

”Dirty ”Electric

Distracted myself enough to take pictures and get a blog post out, but I still have a messy home to contend with. Priorities, people.


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