Monday, November 28, 2011

A Singing Toothbrush

When a frazzled mom is at the end of her rope, there are three awesome places to go to escape regroup:
  1. The grocery store
  2. In any room other than the one your kids are in (preferably with a door that has a lock)
  3. Target
I opted for Number Three the other day.

Let me say that one of my favorite stops at Target is the “As Seen On TV” section because it features all of the things I see on late night TV commercials that I want to buy, but am too embarrassed to “call the number on your screen, NOW!”

As you can imagine, I was over in that aisle perusing all of these magical products:

 But then something caught my eye. 

And it was not good. 

You know, I'm the first one to say that using a toothbrush as a microphone when you’re belting out your favorite tune in the morning is awesome! But this? Really?

I mean, you have to ask yourself some critical questions:
  1. How loud is the music? Loud enough to accompany me when I sing? Louder than the sound of brushing teeth?
  2. Is it an effective tooth cleaner? (I'm very particular about the firmness of my brush bristles.)
  3. Does it have replacement toothbrush heads, or am I gonna get three uses from it before it gets all yucky?
Anyway, I love the songs, but I'm not gonna buy it. I'll just ask HBL to get it for me as a stocking stuffer.

Wait. Did I just admit to that?

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