Monday, December 19, 2011

Date Night Without Kids: Play By Play

Last Thursday, I tweeted this:

Except, we DID end up having Date Night! Hubs and I decided since my dad was watching our kids, we may as well take advantage of our child-free evening and finish up our Christmas shopping… and have some dinner!


First thing I said after we parked our car? “I can’t believe we just walked out of our car and closed the door. No car seat? No stroller? No kids?” HBL was all, “Yeah. I know.” With all the stuff we have to lug around, we always look like we’re going on a one week trip. It was weird. Isn’t that weird, though? Freedom from all that child gear is weird to us now?


We just stood there, waiting quietly. No one to run after. No one to “shush.” No one’s crying to anticipate. We didn’t have to ask for a high chair or a booster or let them know we had a car seat… we just sat down. HUUUUH???


We went to have Japanese for dinner that night. And the thing we remarked on? We actually got to have some edamame:

Oh, how I’ve missed you, edamame…
Usually, Monkey boy grabs the bowl and eats the whole thing by himself. And if he doesn’t, well, he’s touched every single pod with his spit-covered hands that we pass on it and let him have it. Oh, and if we order another bowl, he’ll try and eat his bowl as fast as he can so he can eat ours, too.


We had one.

Amazing the things you miss when your life is 24/7 child rearing. We haven’t had a conversation in a quiet setting in so long, it was almost awkward. Can you imagine? We had to warm up with small talk! Bah! It was like our first date.


It went like this: we didn’t have to collect any gear, for once our table didn’t look like it was the center of a food fight, and my husband and I got to leave the restaurant holding hands.

I love Date Night. I need more of them, please.

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