Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Years Just Keep Coming: The Kitchen Sink v2

Now that Christmas is finished, we can focus our attention on the speed at which we are hurtling into 2012. Can you believe it’s going to be 2012? It’s just going by way too fast for my taste. A new year… and two months of me misdating things “2011.”

I don’t know about any of you, but this holiday season got me a little blue in the tooth. Seeing my grandma look just a little bit older and smaller than the last time I saw her made me feel sad. Looking at family photos and seeing those once youthful, smiling faces now lined with creases and brown spots, framed by gray hair, made me ill thinking that one day my children will be thinking the same thing about me!

Besides the fact that I now have two kids (who let that happen?) and the celebrities I grew up with are looking much older*, I’m getting the sneaking suspicion I may actually be getting older myself. Here’s why:
  1. Every now and again, I notice the veins in my hands pop up. When they do that, they look like my mom’s!
  2. I used to love watching MTV. Now, I cannot give: it hurts my feelings too much.
  3. Seeing my young cousins update their Facebook statuses with things like “Off to do my Physics homework” or “So over my sixth period teacher!” makes me want to stick pencils in my eyes. I swear I was just in high school!
Ah, the years! They keep on coming, don’t they?

And dishes. Dishes, they do too.

* Since I can’t tell by looking in the mirror every day, I like to measure how fast I'm aging by watching the way the celebrities I grew up with are acting and looking. Like, Madonna: Really? FIFTY? And Halle Berry is forty-five now? Gwen Stefani – how could she be forty-two??? Hillary Duff is having a baby?! What is happening with Time these days???

It’s those kinds of “celebrity reality checks” that let me know that my mind is swimming in The Nile, and I’m actually following these peeps very, very closely.  *sigh*

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