Thursday, December 8, 2011

"Sleep Posting"

People. The day has finally come: I am Sleep Posting. Well, I’m not really sleeping since I know I’m typing this, but kind of, because I’m typing this with one eye closed and the other eye at half-mast…

If you didn’t know, my baby girl is now three months old. (Yay!)

And for three months now, I have been awake. (Boo!)

But that’s all changed.

I think I’ve hit a wall, people. I’ve hit it hard. I’m getting clumsy from the fatigue, loopy from the sleeplessness, and the expression on my face is locked in a perpetual yawn.

So, tonight, I'm gonna do The Sleep. Mommy Time is being put on the back burner till I become a normal human being again. No more catching up on my DVR, no more rummaging my pantry for stray Halloween candy. My habit of “researching” random stuff on Wikipedia? Stopping for a little while. It's lights out in Las Vegas (when you read this, it’ll be tomorrow, in which case, I hope I slept well!), and I'm going to sleep like it's going out of style!

Good night! (But really, good morning!)


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