Monday, January 2, 2012

It’s Time To Talk Google Friend Connect

I don’t know how to quit you, Google Friend Connect.

Can you imagine a world without those pretty faces on our sidebars to look at? No more number to stare at, willing it to go higher and higher? It’s the end of an era, but that’s okay, change is good!

By now you’ve probably heard that in March 2012, Blogger is getting rid of Google Friend Connect for non-Blogger blogs in favor of people switching over to Google +. And of course, if we think Blogger blogs are safe: yeah right. They’ll probably take it away from Blogger users soon after, so everyone will switch over to G+... or we can just become dedicated  RSS users to read up on our favorite blogs.
Google Friend Connect Widget

So why am I bringing it up in a blog post? Because I don’t want to lose a-one of you! I know, I know, my blog is sitting on Blogger real estate, so I have nothing to fear, right? But


Coming soon in 2012, Beauty Filled Life 
will be moving to Wordpress! 

So you see, I have a purely selfish reason for bringing up RSS and nudging you over to using a feed reader to read Beauty Filled Life. (Rubbing my hands together, *Mwaah ah aaaaah*)

If you have no idea what the what RSS or a feed reader is, then check out these articles  and remember: Readers are our friends. I repeat: Readers are our friends.

Problogger: "What is RSS?"
Momcomm: "How To Keep Up With My Favorite Blogs"
Simple Mom: "Subscribing to Blogs 101: the Why, the How, & the Where"
Cranberry Fries: "Emails and Reader"

If you follow my blog through GFC (if you are reading this on your Blogger Dashboard, you are subscribed through GFC), how can you ensure we K.I.T. once GFC goes away and I make the switch to Wordpress? Well, here are some awesome options to help you during the crazy transition:

You can subscribe to Beauty Filled Life's RSS feed here.

You can subscribe to Beauty Filled Life via email and get posts delivered to your virtual doorstep by entering your email address in the subscribe option in my sidebar.

If you don’t like to receive posts by email or in a reader, that’s okay, you can stay connected in other ways:

And at the end of the day, if you don’t want to do any of that stuff, just come over here directly and read a post! Simple.

Now let me give you a hug. *Squeeeeeze... and release*

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