Friday, March 30, 2012

I Survived Moving My Family, And All I Got Was This T-Shirt

Greetings and salutations friends! As you can see, I survived The Great House Move of 2012! Thank you for keeping vigil / keeping your fingers crossed / sending me positive moving vibes / your prayers 'cause it worked! We have just a handful of boxes left to rummage through, but after that, all that's left to do is hang up our curtains and artwork and we're DONE. 


Anyway, I feel like I've missed a ton-o-fun out there in the blogosphere - and a million of great posts on your blogs to catch up on! Now, don't be surprised if I do a full-on comment assault on your blog and you see five comments from me in one day! You know how I do...

Oh, and guess what I've been doing during the necessary "sanity breaks" while we moved?

I. Cannot. Wait. To. See. This. Movie!!! UUUUGGGGHHHH! Who's seen it? How'd you like it? Was it as gory as the book?

Happy Friday!  

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