Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Moving: TKS v11

I can’t stop talking about it, I know, but this move is kicking my butt! Is it me? Is it that I’m older and hate change? Is it that I can’t be bothered to pack because I’m in denial over all the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years? Gah!

I’m usually a very organized packer and mover, but this time around was different. When my dad and cousin came over to help us move, I was still shoving stuff into boxes! It was so bad, on Tuesday, HBL and I had to go over to our old house to get more of our things… and didn’t even finish! We have to go back today to finally be done with it all.


But hey, here’s a look at our new sink:

 Honestly, when can I be done already? Sheesh.

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