Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get Back That Mojo: TKS v8

I haven’t really been here for a couple of weeks now. Blame it on having to get my butt back into some sort of shape (besides “oblong”) for some auditions. Honestly, there’s nothing like the threat of singing and dancing in front of a table of people to make me lose my marbles.

But let’s talk mojo, shall we? I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to get your mojo back if you think you’ve lost it. For instance, my body is hating me for going back to dance class. I’ve pulled so many muscles since I started, I forgot I had them to pull in the first place! But I tell ya’, my flexibility has improved so much in just three weeks. And as much as my body wants to groan and protest, I can tell how much it’s missed moving like this.

Now, I don't recommend you do what I did and wait around for something extreme (like humiliation) to motivate you, but if you've ever said these things to yourself about something you've thought about getting back into:

"I'm waiting for a sign"
"I'm too old"
"I don't have the time"
"I don't have the money"
"I have kids now"
"I'm too tired"
"I'm out of shape"
(... etcetera, etcetera)

then you know the excuses have to stop and you need to take a leap of faith and go for it. Take one step - a baby one, even. It might be painful at first. You might be rusty. But muscle memory (whether your body or your brain) will kick it into high gear and you'll be back to enjoying whatever it was you gave up. When that finally happens, pat yourself on the back for giving yourself a chance. 

I don't think I'll be able to perform in dance auditions the way I used to (I am older, and the other girls are younger), but dancing is good for my body and my soul. I hope I don’t make up an excuse to quit again.

And on that note: I’ve missed three weeks worth of sink love! But all is not lost: I’ve got them here for you today!

February 9, 2012

February 23, 2012

March 1, 2012

Sorry I didn’t take a picture of February 16th. That was the week I pulled something (maybe my inner thigh muscle?) and I couldn't be bothered to take a picture, let alone write a post.

Anyway, keep your fingers, eyes and legs crossed for me. Mama needs to book and that's only gonna happen if I continue to put myself out there!

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