Monday, April 30, 2012

Work Week: TKS v12

What a week! I've been running around being a Creative, collaborating on new musicals and working on websites - I do believe I'm finally becoming a real life grown up! And it's fun!

Lucky for me, my MIL is in town, so she's helping me look after my precious babies. Having her here is great, but just like when my mom is in town, I get used to having the extra help. When they leave, it's not just The Monkey who's balling his head off. But let's never mind those boring details. Below are some things I found that helped make working outside the home worthwhile:

Yes, banana pudding is a requirement when one takes meetings...

Weather like this does help when having to drive around town.

And Puppy Chow is a great way to keep up your energy when working late at night.

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