Monday, May 21, 2012

Cutting My Own Hair

I cut my hair.

By myself.

I know.

But I was so done with my boring, Plain Jane hairstyle!

I had YouTubed "how to cut your own hair" videos once before and, surprise, surprise, jacked my hair up pretty bad. Of course, I vowed to NEVER do it again and to find a real stylist like Dumb Mom from parenting BY dummies, who found her Stylist Soulmate (luuucky!), but there I was, YouTube-ing away, ready to suffer a bad hair cut by my own hand again.

I sat there watching video after video, trying to psyche myself out. Finally, after thirty minutes, I got my shears (and my nerve) and went to town.

I was surprised by how easy it was this time around. And how liberating. Cutting my own hair is so risky! But guess what? It actually turned out pretty awesome - with layers and everything! I just may do it again!

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