Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weight A Minute: TKS v15

HBL and I went to the DMV the other day to take care of some things, including changing the address on our driver's licenses because of our move.

We were filling out the change of address form, when I noticed a particular bit of information that needed to be filled in: WEIGHT.

Dreadful question.

Isn't weight subjective? I mean, one outfit may make me look heavier than another, one color could make me look thinner than something else...? So what if my driver's license claims that I've been the same weight since high school?

Oh, wait. Right. I'm not fooling anyone: I've had two children. And I'm in my 30s. And every day I look into the mirror, my metabolism says to me, "Hey, you know, I was thinking, I'm gonna take it easy and slow down a bit more today, okay?"


I changed the number on the form. Now I'm only ten pounds off.


The sink:

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