Monday, June 11, 2012

Homemade Deodorant Use - Final Results

I know you’ve been waiting all weekend for this breakdown, so let me just say it now: THIS STUFF WORKS! Now, read about it!

I wasn’t sure how much deodorant to put on, so I dabbed a fingertip’s worth for each pit.

Smell Test: Weird. It felt like my musty smell was trying to come through, but the deodorant kept it under control. Unfortunately, I could smell a hint of it every now and again, but this stuff is already way better than the natural deodorant I’ve been using.

HBL Factor: I sometimes ask my husband to sniff my pits to make sure I’m not offending the public (but mostly because I KNOW I stink and I want to see his eyes water). Today, he sniffed and said he could sort of smell me, but it wasn’t as bad as usual.

I thought if I put on more deodorant, it would prevent any hint of odor from coming up like it did yesterday. I REALLY globbed it on today. Mistake. There was so much baking soda/arrowroot powder under my arms, I had to wait for it to dry completely before I could wipe off the excess. And even after that, this still happened:

The straps on my baby carrier. Yuck.

Luckily, it didn’t stain and left no traces after a go ‘round in the wash.

Smell Test: I couldn’t smell as much odor as I did yesterday. Things are looking up.

Itch Factor: It was a little itchy. I wanted to scratch it, but I didn’t because I didn't want to have to reapply it. Lazy.

I found the perfect amount to apply: I dipped the first digit of my finger into the deodorant, let the excess drip off, then gently dabbed it on. Perfection!

Smell Test: None. I even swiped my finger over my damp-ish underarms and was surprised that there was no smell! Of course, by the late evening, pits were not exactly “fresh”, but definitely not musty smelling.

Itch Factor: A tiny bit, but not enough for me to need to scratch it. Getting excited – I think this actually might be working!

I have not scrutinized my armpits as much as I have in this last week. This is madness.

Smell Test: None. Not even a little bit.

Itch Factor: None

My deodorant separated last night. I decided to try applying just the oil. Afterward, I stirred it up with this handy tool:

Smell Test: Kinda sorta - same results as Day 1. I definitely have to use the entire concoction, not just the oily part.

Itch Factor: None

HBL Factor: HBL finally asked me, “Why are you always smelling your pits?” and I told him because I was reporting back to you all on my new deodorant’s effectiveness. He shrugged his eyebrows at me. And in return, I asked him to smell my underarms again. He stuck his nose into my armpit, took a deep whiff and said: “I don’t smell anything.”


After applying the “perfect” amount of deodorant, I got paranoid and added more.

Smell Test: I got Day 1 results again. Was it because I put on too much deodorant? At the end of the day, when I took off my shirt, my armpits stopped stinking. This can only mean one thing: my poor shirts are probably tainted with must and most likely make me stink worse. Gross. Flipside? SHOPPING!

Itch Factor: None

I was in such a rush to get out the door (I am always in a rush!), I didn’t have time to apply the stuff and wait around for it to absorb. So, I had to use my natural deodorant. I stank so bad, I kept my arms down as much as possible. When I got home, I had to take another shower.

When I finally applied my deodorant, I noticed the mixture was more paste-like! I don’t know if my air conditioner made it cooler in the house so the stuff got to harden up a bit, but I tell you, I really like it in a more solid state! I used almost a pea-sized amount under each arm and I am smell-free once more.

Smell Factor:  None

Itch Factor: None

I am a convert. Unless someone makes this exact recipe commercially, I won’t be buying my deodorant anymore. Granted, I wish this stuff was solid so I wouldn’t have to worry about occasions where I’m really pressed for time, but other than that, I love this stuff.

I still sweat when I wear it, and though I don’t prefer that damp feeling, I do feel confident knowing I don’t smell. It’s such a relief! Go ahead, come in for that random hug, 'cause I know what you'll smell: NOTHING!

Try it. You'll like it. It's good. See how easy it is to make?

Click here to go to my deodorant recipe post!

Go on, make it!

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Kimberly said...

This is a hilarious account. And I love that husband takes one for the know...for our enjoyment ;)


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