Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Can’t Stop Sniffing My Pits: TKS v17

I’m still going to post final results of my foray into making homemade deodorant on Monday, but I can't help myself – I want to tell you now that this stuff really works! *crazy, happy dance time*

Weather-wise, it’s only been in the high 80s here, so I can at least confidently say that in “moderate” weather (yes, in Las Vegas that is moderate), this deodorant works on me.

That's saying a lot.

I'm a major sweater. Since I crossed over into my thirties, my body has been on a mission to turn me into a middle-aged man*: smelly, gassy, needing naps, thinning hair… With this stuff, I can at least cross off smelly! 

*Are you a middle-aged man and my above description does NOT sound like you? Then you are a unicorn and you should be cloned and sold on supermarket shelves.

So, if you were curious to try this but were waiting on my final word, I would say, go for it now if you already have the ingredients handy at home. And if you’re not sure you’ll like it, halve the recipe so you’re not stuck with a whole bunch of it (the recipe makes about a cup of deodorant). No harm, no foul since you didn’t have to invest any extra dough, right?

Sink Time:

Sorry it's so dark, I try to keep it real by posting these pictures SOOC.

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