Monday, June 25, 2012

Pulling A Muscle In My Back Results In A Post Like This

Who knew you could pull a muscle in the middle of your back while trying to change your kid’s poop diaper?

It’s not like I twisted it all weird and crazy. I mean, I do this in my sleep (literally), every single day! Oh, how cruel you are on this Monday morning, Back. How cruel.

Anyway, I’m feeling icky. Which reminded me of last week, when my son was feeling icky. Which reminded me of what my Monkey Girl did to her brother’s foam sword when her brother was too weak to snatch it possessively out of her hands:

He hasn’t noticed yet. But I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to figure out who did the damage by this incriminating evidence.

Anyway, I’m going to figure out how to exist today with this bum back. I think laying down all day and getting someone to feed me chocolates might be the way to go.

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