Monday, July 16, 2012

Working Under The Ol’ Blog Hood

Oh, hey, listen! I’m doing a little somethin’ somethin’ around my part of the web, so if things look a little weird/fishy/wonky, don’t worry: I know.

What I’m doing is a little Spring Cleaning (in the Summer) in preparation for “The Big Blog Migration To Wordpress of 2012”. Yes. It’s finally happening. I mentioned it six months ago, only to chicken out at the last minute. Well, NO MORE! It’s in the works!

So you’re asking yourself what I did this weekend to clean up the place, right? Well,  I went through over a hundred posts to clean up old links. And it took me two entire days. I have a crick in my neck to prove it! I have about another hundred to go, but I have one thing in mind: a smooth and seamless transition from this bloggy home to my next.

Cleaning up around here is good.  I learned a lot going through each one of my posts:
  1. The quality of my photos has improved dramatically from when I started (yay!)
  2. 2010 was a bad year for blogging (only TWO posts!)
  3. I seem to really enjoy writing about two topics in particular: the suckitude that is postpartum and food (the eating, dreaming and making of it)
  4. Depending on the season of my life (read: having a newborn), I’ve written posts that were similar in feelings and experience
  5. There were posts that I had to *gulp* delete because they just couldn’t be salvaged – either they were super long link lists of no-longer-existing blogs  or just no longer relevant/outdated news. Deleting posts were the hardest thing for me to do
So far, it’s been a great lesson in separating the wheat from the chaff so-to-speak. I had to really look with a critical eye at what needed to be fixed and improved upon in my posts.

Also, I literally cut and pasted every single post to a Word doc so if (God forbid!), anything were to happen to this site, I’d still have my writing and photos backed up. My heart would explode if anything happened to my blog: it documents my journey as a new mother!  Reading those particular posts was a sweet, sweet trip down memory lane.


Anyway, yeah, I’m tweaking things here and there, so don’t mind the mess, okay? It won’t be for very long! Promise!

Have a great week!

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