Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Typical Afternoon

This is what a typical afternoon is like at my house:

1. Feed My Kids
While making Monkey a PB & J sandwich for lunch, the groaning and moaning that took place because he was “sooo hungry” made me believe he was, dare I say, HUNGRY. This was how hungry he was:

After, he asked for candy.


2. Get A Head Start On Dinner 

Decided to prepare a traditional Filipino dish. Which means it doesn’t have an actual recipe. Which means I have to ask my mom how to make it. Which means the cooking directions I have to follow are the ones where my mom says stuff like, “When all the water is gone” or “Don’t put too much” or “You’ll know when it’s ready” and “boil”. 

3. Watch My Son Use A Soft-Sided Lunch Box As A Helmet
Self explanatory.

Your day is similar, right?

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