Wednesday, August 8, 2012

As Close To A Rat As I Will Willingly Get

Had to stop by the store to get our dog some food, and since we don’t get out much, I let The Monkey take his time looking at all the critters in the store. Of course, of all the animals to visit with – reptiles, cats, dogs, fishies - my kid wants to hang out in the rodent aisle.



I know I cannot be alone in my fear of rodents, right? I mean, I WILL scream out loud if I see one in the wild. I WILL make deep, guttural, gurgling sounds if I see one dead in a corner. And I WILL cringe, gag, and do the icky dance if someone talks about them, as I automatically imagine them crawling all over my body, nibbling at my ear lobes.


I added “Hold A Rat” to my Bucket List – you know, to conquer my fear of them? But I never ever, ever put myself in a position where there is a chance of making good on that bullet point item. And I’m more than okay with that.

At least at the pet store there is protective glass separating us. Also, if you happen to love rodents, wow. You are seriously awesome.

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