Sunday, August 19, 2012

That’s A Lot of Cancer, Yo

You may have noticed my absence last week. I was at home in California.  

My uncle died of cancer on August 8th and I was home for his funeral.

Here's a running tally of cancer amongst my family and friends:

My maternal grandmother has colon cancer. It metastasized and spread to her liver.
My maternal uncle just passed from bone cancer.
My paternal aunt is a breast cancer survivor.
My paternal cousin died of leukemia.
My cousin's wife is in remission for breast cancer.
Her mother died of cancer.
My friend is battling thyroid cancer.

That's a lot of cancer.

Cancer is sucking so hard right now. Stupid.

If cancer has affected someone in your life, or if you’re lucky to NOT know anyone battling this disease, there’s a great organization that tells it like it is: visit and get educated. Ninety percent of cancers are curable if found at Stage One! 

For more information on cancer, you can also visit:


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