Friday, August 31, 2012

The Anti "Mommy Uniform" Effort

You know how when you go to put on some eyeliner, but it’s a little hard applying it, because you’re not used to doing it, because it’s been a while since you wore makeup?


It is way too easy for me not to care about my appearance.

I stay home all day long, my kids use my clothes as a place to wipe their dirty hands and faces on, and I do a boatload of chores. Why on earth would I want to get gussied up for that?

Until someone invents a stain-resistant, sweat-proof, smell-proof, wash-with-any-color outfit, I'll settle on my two go-to "looks" - a.k.a. My Standard Mommy Uniform: In the Summer I wear a tank top, shorts and flip flops and in the Winter, I wear a sweatshirt, sweats and flip flops. (Gotta keep it California-real with the flip flops all year round…)

Ah, but that's boring, huh? And there's something to be said about looking nice. On the two or three days a week where I put on makeup and wear nice clothes, I feel awesome about myself. On these days, I wish I had a reason to wear eye shadow every day. On these days, I feel like I could play basketball in four-inch platforms. On these days, I feel like me.

I look in the mirror sometimes and I’m like, “Really? That’s how you wanna go out?” and I feel embarrassed. My 30s cannot go down as “The Decade Of Sweats”!

So I’m making the effort to do it right. I pledge to do two things that make me feel good about how I look on the days that I’m not seen in public. TWO things, not one, because… why not? And brushing my hair and teeth doesn't count. Although, there have been days where I was lucky to just brush my teeth...

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