Friday, August 3, 2012

The Bright Side

I have been walking around in a half awake, half asleep (read: depressed) haze the past couple weeks. Outside of the obvious (my grandma’s illness), I’ve been stuck in the house with my kids, avoiding the heat outside. There has been no merciful way to get out in this hot weather. We’ve tried walking around the mall and walking around Target, but let me be honest: when you ain’t got no moolah to spend, those places are the most depressing places to be. Pure torture.

Being isolated in the house has kept me in a grey cloud for way too long and I’m tired of it! In that cloud, I can’t see past my grandma’s cancer, past the oppressive heat outside, past the boredom that is my hermit lifestyle. That stupid cloud has me sitting on the couch, crying from sadness.

So today I’m making a choice to step out of it. I’m gonna look on the bright side of things. I’m going to remember that I have MY health, that I have my beautiful children, my awesome husband. That I still have time to enjoy my grandma. I can run and jump and dance and sing. I still have the ability to enjoy my life fully and there is no reason I should willingly sit here and not figure out a way to do it. So I’m making my way out of the funk. Starting with this:

By the way, that IS a Nutella finger mustache. Be astounded.

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