Friday, August 24, 2012

The Weekend Is Upon Us. Let Us Rejoice.

Not like I actually get a day off or anything, but at least HBL will be around to help me. Kind of. You know what I mean, right ladies?

I’ll be gigging this weekend - gotta break up the Mommy Monotony! - but that won’t happen until after I fold laundry and do my meal planning for the week.

Besides all that, I’m going to attempt to right this house. We’ve been back a week from visiting my Grandma, but the big suitcase we used is still lying on the floor in the hallway! We picked through it during the week, so it’s almost empty of its contents, but the unused stuff that was thrown off to the side has to be picked up and put away.

I’m a great housekeeper like that. 

And before I leave you, here is a gratuitous outfit shot:

Hope you all have a great weekend – anything fun (or not so fun) planned?

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